Frequently asked questions

How to wear your reusable Tiktaks pad

Your tiktaks pads are to be worn with the fleece side facing down to your underwear. if you are having a hard time figuring out the side - you can also see that the tag is facing downwards.

wrap the wings around your underwear (left wing has the tag under it) and use the snaps to close your pad.

How often should I change my cloth pad?

Depending on how light or heavy your cycle is, usually cloth pads need to be changed after 2-4 hours. 

With a lighter flow,  change every 4-6 hours, for a heavier one, every 2-3 hours.


Is there a difference between one fabric to another?

Tiktaks cloth pads come in a variety of fabric options. There is a difference in feel, thickness and absorbency.

To know more about the fabrics used for Tiktaks pads, visit our fabrics info tab.


When wil my order be shipped?

All the pads listed on our website are ready to be shipped!

your order will be shipped after 2-4 days.

How many pads do I need?

You can count on average 2 pads a day for light - regular flow and 3-4 pads per day for a heavy one + one per night.

A full set for or a period of 4 days -  you will need around 10-12 pads for a regular flow and around 16-18 for a heavier one.

Keep in mind the days you are "spotting" at the end or the beginning, on those days you will probably need a lot less or use a Tiktaks panty liner.


What absorbency level do I need?

Absorbency needs change from woman to woman. Tiktaks absorbency levels are a based on average flow.

We recommend you use the same absorbency level (light / normal / super) as you would with disposables

we recommend  you try a few different sizes and absorbencie levels to see what works best for your own specific needs.

How do I change my pads at work?

When changing your pad outside of home, fold the dirty one and place it in a wet bag (waterproof but breathable) pouch. It is totally safe and ok to keep your pads in a wet bag until you get home.

You can purchase our wet bags here.

Are the pads shipped discreetly?

Yes! Tiktaks pads are shipped in a white envelope with a cute unicorn sticker at the front, a sticker with our home address and one with your home address.